Jim Lee 2014

AMAZING COMIC CON is proud to welcome DC Comics Co-Publisher JIM LEE to Houston! Not only will the Amazing Houston Comic Con be launching for the first time, it is also the very first public signing by Jim in Houston in over 20 years!

Big Crowds follow Jim Lee to each of his appearances, at each of his venues, and Houston is no different. We anticipate big crowds for the Amazing Houston Comic Con for this Special One Day Signing, on Saturday August 30th.

Tickets are currently available for this day at Amazing Houston Comic Con, as well as new VIP Packages that will be HIGHLY limited. We recommend pre-purchasing, and planning your weekend activities accordingly.

Here is a listing Jim Lee’s appearance at Amazing Houston Comic Con. And while the time table is subject to change, we will try to adhere as much as possible to the outline below.

Saturday August 30

Main Floor Lounge Signing Area
Jim Lee Signing- GENERAL ADMISSION Autograph Session
Open to all those who purchased tickets for Amazing Houston Comic Con. Dependent on time and crowds, there will be a limit of 2 items per person in this line

Due to time constraints of a single day appearance at the Amazing Houston Comic Con, coupled with anticipated crowds, signings and items may be limited. We ask that only General Admission attendees who have purchased tickets participate in signing sessions. All Attendees can only enter a single signing session in order for the highest amount of people to be accommodated. Wrist bands and badges will be punched as to determine entry to the lines.

LIVE ART with Jim Lee! Drawing Demo
The Best selling comic book artist of all time, Jim Lee, talks to the fans about his creative process, and his approach to the page. During the presentation Jim will actively be drawing, with live projectors so the entire crowd can see. This will be surely be one of the highlight events of the convention, as several pieces he creates at the demo will be given away to fans in attendance!

Please note- this will be Jim Lee’s only scheduled drawing at the Amazing Houston Comic Con. Due to time constraints of the Special One Day Signing, there will not be time for commissions or other additional sketching.

Main Floor Lounge Signing Area
2:00pm- 3:00pm
Jim Lee Signing- VIP Autograph Session
Open to VIP Badge Holders Only. Depending on time and crowds, up to 8 to 10 items per person in this line, may be signed. Platinum Members will have priority in this line, with additional items available for signature.

Last Call Signing Session- After the Last of the VIP Badge holders are signed with their additional items, there may be a very limited amount of General Admission badge holders that may be taken. Please ask line control of the availability.

While Jim Lee is appearing at the Amazing Houston Comic Con for a special one day appearance on Saturday Only, the Houston Comic Con takes place Friday through Sunday August 29-31. Single Day Tickets, Full 3 Day Admissions, and several new VIP Packages are still available for the Amazing Houston Comic Con. Order TODAY!