To the AMAZING fans of Houston-

With Comic Con is only 2 months away, we are running a series of articles featuring some of the cool stuff going on in the world of Pop Culture, and how this all relates to the guests featured at the Amazing Houston Comic Con…

As Amazing Houston Comic Con speeds towards us, swerving across the lanes of this comic highway sure to end up in a head-on collision of awesome and excitement, The staff members wanted to take this moment to talk about some of the people we’re super excited will be joining us. Did I mention *super* excited?

Do you know who might be having the BEST WEEK EVER? Safe bets are on headline guest of Amazing Houston Comic Con- JIM LEE.

Jim Lee is the best selling Comic Artist of all time, with fan favorite runs on new X-Men, Batman HUSH, Superman, and others before relaunching the DC52 with Justice League.

Perhaps the latest BEST WEEK EVER for Jim Lee hits this Holiday Weekend where Superman Unchained #7 hits the stands. The Long awaited chapter features action galore, and it might be the perfect book to get signed during AMAZING HOUSTON COMIC CON! Be sure to also check out Jim Lee’s Drawing Demo at the Houston Comic Con where he sketches live for the crowds…

HARLEY QUINN might be having the BEST WEEK EVER-

We can all agree that Harley Quinn is one sassy, strong, smart girl, that has taken down some of the biggest villains of the DC Universe. She’s dated one of the most infamous bad boys of all time, and even has kept him smiling. And if you are a fan of the Arkham video game, you’ll know that Harley has even coached Batman through a deadly gauntlet. Harley is a modern woman, capable of virtually anything.

The same can be said for the newest DC Hit series, HARLEY QUINN it’s going crazy places and is being scooped up left and right. With each issue having multiple printings, this comic one to read and one to talk about. Who doesn’t love Harley Quinn?

Amazing Houston Comic Con Featured Guest- CHAD HARDIN was personally picked by Harley Quinn herself to be her artist in the pages of the infamous #0 issue and rightfully so. His drawings seem to match perfectly with her style and if you’re a fan, you’re in luck. Chad Hardin will be anchoring the artist alley Amazing Houston Comic Con on each of the 3 days August 29-30-31.

And if you think Harley Quinn was a handful, HQ and the other Ladies of the DC Universe are featured on the Variant “Bomb Shell Covers”. From Supergirl to Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy to Zatanna- is there a favorite of yours that you plan on getting signed at the Amazing Houston Comic Con? Drop us a line and let us know!______________

ROCKET RACCOON might be having the BEST WEEK EVER-

– “Rocket Raccoon #1″ hits the racks of your favorite Houston Comic Store; and if you know nothing else about him, know this: he’s an actual raccoon with guns. I mean, you need to pick this up. PLUS! He’ll be in Guardians of the Galaxy…

and DID YOU KNOW- Featured Guest of the Amazing Houston Comic Con- HERB TRIMPE- drew the very first comic book appearance of Rocket in pages of Hulk #271? Be sure to get your Rocket comics and toys and merch by the guy who started it all!

Perhaps the person taking the crown for THE BEST WEEK EVER belongs to Amazing Houston Headline Guest ROB LIEFELD.

Deadpool merchandise is found everywhere- from the comic shop to Walmart and Target, Spencer’s, Hot Topic, and More. But one of our favorite pieces of Deadpool swag can be found on your phone or other smart device. Almost time to download the DEADPOOL PINBALL GAME!


Get all your Deadpool gear- from the comics to the Funko Pops to Tshirts and more- signed by Deadpool’s Daddy- ROB LIEFELD. This is Liefeld’s ONLY convention appearance in the state of Texas, so make sure you stop by the artist alley of the Amazing Houston Comic Con just for a visit!

I think that just about concludes this week’s BEST. WEEK. EVER. And you have to admit, it was pretty good, right?
So make sure you grab those Harley Quinn back issues, those Superman Unchained books, all your Rocket Raccoon Merch, and your Deadpool Swag and we’ll meet you at Amazing Houston Comic Con.

This is Amazing Con, signing off, reminding you to go visit those Local Comic Book stores! Tell them we say hello!

AMAZING HOUSTON COMIC CON launches August 29-30-31 at the George R Brown Convention Center in the heart of Houston. Single Day tickets, full 3day admissions and a limited number of VIP Packagers for Amazing Houston Comic Con are available HERE.